The main Highway I wanted to go through in the US is the California State Route 1. The road is part of the Pacific Coast Highway and follows the coastline of California. At the end I ended up adding a few more places to my route and my four week trip to the US, not counting Alaska, ended up being a six weeks trip.

The US route

The US route

After visiting the canyons and valleys of Utah and Arizona, I went back north through Las Vegas, the 47 degrees Celsius of Death Valley and the beautiful land of giant trees in the National Parks of Sequoia and Yosemite to the south of Oregon in the Pacific Coast. From there I followed the coast of California south to the Redwood National Park and then over 1000 miles all the way down to San Diego with the Pacific Ocean always to my right. The road is usually busy but it’s very good fun, you see the beach, the mountains, rivers, forests, the ocean and an indistinguishable foggy horizon all the way down south.

The Pacific Horizon

The Pacific Horizon

My last city in the US, the Capital of Craft Beer, with over 200 breweries in the city of San Diego, I would need several months to try them all, and then I would need to start all over again as most of them have many seasonal beers. Paradise.

The USA is a great country, and I don’t mean in terms of territory, military and economic power or body mass index. It’s a very criticized and polemic country, but prejudice could blind you and not let you see what’s the Country really like, and I think this is valid anywhere you go in the World. I might have been lucky, but I met the most amazing, hospitable people that would offer me a bed, a place to put my tent, a shower, tools, help and beer. I’m very grateful. I learnt a lot and certainly this enriched my trip and myself.

Thank you US, for the beautiful places you have, for the many new friends I now have and for the beer, thanks a lot for the beer.

Ten weeks on the road and I finished a big stage of my trip, the US and Canada are behind, and now into Spanish mode.

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  1. Linda Davidson

    Glad you have discovered the real America and the real American people and found them better than what one sees on the news. Happy travels

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