Rocky V: The day I ended up in a pit

This post continues from Rocky IV: Colorado

My last detour didn’t end up that well, it was a 40 miles mountain pass called Cottonwood Pass and includes some unmaintained gravel roads.

The darker spots are loose gravel, ride over distracted and you are off the bike.

The darker spots are loose gravel, ride over distracted and you are off the bike.

Half way into this road I get a red warning on my dashboard, indicating that the battery had a low charge. One of the nice little gadgets of this bike is a built in voltmeter so you can know exactly the charge you have, and the dashboard showed 12.4 Volt and going down little by little. Information is always good, but now I had a ticking clock of the battery I had left, and 20 miles of a very though road ahead, so the adrenaline started to flow.

I took a couple of corners full of loose gravel a bit too quick, which made me think that the voltmeter countdown in front of me was a bit distracting, so I slowed down. A couple of minutes later, and my head was again on the voltmeter, a simple corner with loose gravel I don’t see for being distracted and I end up inside a pit full of bushes one meter under the level of the road.

It looks silly on the video, but you loose your focus for one second and that’s what happens.

This is my second round against gravel, I’m 2-0 behind. Round one was four months ago in Ireland, where I had a new tinted wind screen that wouldn’t let me see in front of me, a worn rear tyre and reduced confidence because the bike was not feeling as usual.

I inmediately started to unload the bike and wait for drivers passing by that could help me take the beast out of the pit. The bike didn’t have one scratch, and me neither, not even my ego as I didn’t have time for that. By the time I made it to town everything was closed and my battery dead.

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